Friday Five

1. Excited to be a part of the Cybils again! This year I'll be helping whittle down the top YA Fiction novels of this year!

Here's more on who I'll be working with!

Cybils 2017: Young Adult Fiction Judges

Round 1Kim Baccellia
Si, Se Puede
YA Books Central
Kelly Hager  

Kelly Jensen

William PolkingGuys Lit Wire
Haley Schaffer   
Teachers Who Read 

Round 2:
Dahlia Adler
B&N Teen Blog 
Rebecca Cahill
The Page Unbound

Amanda Gernentz Hanson
Amanda Gernentz Hanson 
Suze Lavender 
With Love for Books

Sharon Smith
Reading Time

**Very excited to be a part of this!

2. Working on latest round of edits. Deadline is this coming Monday. 

3. Sunni's doing a little better!

4. Finished reading THIS DARKNESS MINE:

Link to YA Books Central review:

Teaser: The suspense really builds in the second half of this novel. Readers will be guessing what's really going on until the very graphic climax of the story. **No, I won't give it away, but let's just say I jolted up with the revelation!

Twisted tale of a former 'good' girl who feels her life is taken over by a dead twin. Dark, creepy, and very addictive.

5. Right now reading 
This one has three different POVs. One is a girl who's father is accused of being an arsonist and is scheduled to die. Another one is a Kuwaiti citizen. And finally another one is a teen who lived in East Berlin during the 80s. All have some connection. So far really loving. 

**Guilty Pleasure:

My treat for being on track to finishing edits is seeing FLATLINERS:


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