Friday Five-On a Sad Note

1. **So sorry I haven't posted in two weeks, but the reason why was I lost my mother on August 3rd. I got a phone call that Monday, telling me that Mom's doctor wanted all of us to know that she had a slim if no chance to survive another surgery. Mom has been battling type 2 Diabetics since 1998. It finally caught up with her. Her organs shut down and she passed away at 1:26am.

I love this YouTube presentation my younger brother Brent Baccellia put together:

2. Her funeral was the following Thursday, so we went back up for the viewing and to help go through her things.

**One thing I learned is not to push doing this so soon after a funeral. It is almost too much for anyone, including me, to bear.

So I've been numb and feel as if I've been walking in a fog. I also haven't been wanting to write. I know though that Mom wouldn't like that. She was my biggest cheerleader.

Right now I'm taking it day by day.

3. Here's the funeral:

I'm on the stands at the Loomis,California LDS church. I gave a talk remembering my mother.

4. I also learned NOT to wear platforms at a graveside. **I don't know how Buffy did it, but that was only a television show and not real life. No way anyone can walk through that cemetery with heels.

5.  Sharing this gorgeous arrangement of flowers my one publisher Lachesis Publishing sent me:

**For a happier note, I did receive this package of books from YA Books Central. Reading always puts a smile on my face:


Melodye said…
The video tribute is precious--how lovely, to memorialize her life in a way that brings to mind so many wonderful people and experiences.

Praying for you, and for everyone who loved your sweet mama. May you find peace and inspiration in this time of deep reflection, and may you find comfort among your friends and family.
Kim Baccellia said…
Thanks so much, Melodye for your kind words.

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