Friday Five

1. First off, had a teen tell me she really enjoyed reading NO MORE GODDESSES but what she really liked wasn't so much the
Audrey Hepburn reference but rather the fact that I used Egyptian gods instead of the usual Greek ones. I should see her total review soon and will share!

2. My sun conure Sunni wasn't acting his usually self and total freaked me out. Took him to the vet who mentioned, "Oh, he's developing cataracts, did you noticed this?


OMG, doesn't that mean he's going blind?

I was really sad thinking of Sunni not being able to see as he loves to look outside and scream at all the wildlife. He's almost 23 years old and I've had him since he was a baby. I thought they lived to be around 40 years old but vet told me no, that he expected Sunni to live to maybe 30.

So I ended up decluttering his cage and taking off a huge top part that he hasn't used for a while. Trying to make him more comfortable.

3. Finished reading REBEL BELLE which is awesome:

My YABC review:

Teaser: What worked: The voice. Think Buffy meets Southern charm with super powers. I loved Harper Price's mannerisms such as using other words instead of swearing, her love of family which includes three adorable elderly aunts, her drive to succeed, and even her fantasies of dressing up in the perfect dress for Cotillion. Add to this the sudden turn when she's given a 'gift' which she finds makes her into a ninja-like person with super powers. Harper Price is the total example of a reluctant heroine. Seriously, what's a girl to do with this ability and still fulfill all her other important extracurricular activities?

4. Right now reading FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green. Yes, I know, finally!

Disclaimer: I don't usually like 'cancer' stories. Maybe because of my own brush with it. The main character has thyroid cancer and when I was 29, the surgeon thought for sure I did too. I was lucky as mine wasn't but I'm still being monitored and have to have bloodwork and sonograms twice a year just to be sure. My younger sis isn't so lucky as she does have thyroid cancer.

So far this isn't really a cancer story but let's just say it's keeping my interest.

5. Finally finished reading through the rough draft of the second book in my goddess series.

This means I'm ready to start revising!

**Guilty Pleasure:

Later, hope to go out to dinner with husband while son's at a birthday party/sleepover.


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