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The Goddess Hathor

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In my YA fantasy, No More Goddesses, not only does the film icon Audrey Hepburn play an important part in my protagonist Jordan’s life but another individual from Egyptian mythology pops up: Hathor.

When writing this novel I thought it would be fun to have a goddess of romance to mess with Jordan and her friends. I wanted someone exotic and different then the usual Greek mythological characters. I decided to choose one from Egyptian mythology as my brother-in-law Eihab is an Egyptian national and my sister is studying to be an Egyptologist.

I thought Angelina Jolie would be perfect as Hathor. She’s gorgeous and seems like she’d have just the right wicked humor to fit the role.

I thought it would be fun to see what others might know about this goddesses. So here’s some trivia questions (answers further down the blog post):
1. What are the names of the other goddesses Hathor is tied to?
2. What animal is on her crown?
3. What is the flip side to her romantic feature?
4. Which TV show had Hathor show her darker side?
5. What are her other names?
6. Who’s her father?


1. Hathor is Aphrodite in Greek mythology and Venus in Roman mythology. Perfect for more books in my Goddess series.
2. Her headdress is a pair of cow horns with a sun disk with uraeus in the front middle of the crown.
3. She’s also the Goddess of destruction. In my novel Hathor is more mischievous and bored. I mean, who wouldn’t be if they’d been locked away for a long time?
4. Stargate. Hathor is awakened and ends up using her influence to try to get the men to start an army.
5. She has many other names including Sky Goddess/Mistress of Heaven.
6. Ra

Thanks to to the author’s younger sis Autumn for helping with Hathor trivia!


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