Friday Five

This scoring is taking a lot more of my time then I thought.  I'm scoring 4th grade writing STAR tests for the next few weeks.  I'm doing it to have a little extra money and to keep up with the educational field.

1. Still reading though.  Finished reading WANTED by Heidi Ayarbe that was amazing!

YA Books Central review coming this weekend!

2. Reading SPECTRAL:

Really enjoying this YA that is about a girl who finds out that it's not the mob that's after her but something even more sinister.

My YA Books Central review:

3. Had to get my Angel/Faith fix:

Ooh, Comic Quest said this Saturday is National Free Comic Book day.

4. Starting next week I'll be posting here as I'm part of the Summer Teen Reading Party:

5. My guest post at Teen Word Factory:

**Guilty pleasure

This is right off of my Teen Word Factory post.  Getting a pedi and mani plus a yummy mocha raspberry drink.


Jane Dough said…
Hey Kim! Checking the link, looks good! Jan
Kim Baccellia said…
Thanks for testing it for me!
Marva Dasef said…
Link check successful. I'll redo my pre-made tweets to this link.
lionmother said…
Kim, I got on fine! Looks good!!
Kim Baccellia said…
Thanks Marva and Barbara for checking this site out! I'm glad this one will work better than LJ!

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