Pandemic Edition Tuesday March 31, 2020

1. So husband broke down and wore a mask when he went out to go grocery shopping. Said he saw others doing the same thing.  The thing is there's so much misinfo out there right now and when Dr. Fauci was asked about it? Here's what he said:

'It's under serious consideration':

2. So my daily schedule looking like this:

8:30am up/get ready for day
9:30am feed Damon, get breakfast
10:00am watch CNN for updates on Covid-19 virus **Unless it's tRump, then I turn off TV
10-11am heat ankle and do physical therapy exercises
12 lunch
1-3 **Writing time
3pm Italian lessons
4pm Read
5pm Dinner
6pm clean up/heat ankle
6-7pm physical therapy
8-10pm TV
I've been going to bed around 11-11:30pm

**Then repeat.

My goals are to be able to drive again on April 11th and pick up a Coffee Bean & Tea leaf drink:


Currently reading BETWEEN BURNING WORLDS which is a futuristic retelling of Les Miserables in outer space.

4. Trying to eat healthy, but being inside all the time it's really tough. Do like this snack of apple slices with honey/cinnamon and peanut butter.

5. A little humor:


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