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Cybils Finalists Reflections

Today I'm going to share my thoughts on a few other Cybils finalist graphic novels. Two have protagonists that try to survive wars in their countries and the other one is a fun super hero novel with a Latina protagonist. 1.  QUINCE: Fifteen-year-old Lupe receives super hero powers during her Quinceanera. What's so adorable about this story is Lupe isn't the stereotypical super hero, but a regular Latina teen. Her beloved abuelita is her mentor and shares she also had these powers when she was fifteen. Totally loved! 2.  ANNE FRANK'S DIARY: This is a beautiful adaption of Anne Frank's diary. It includes other insights into Frank's life, like her questioning her sexuality and the conflicts between her and her mother, that I don't remember reading back when I was a teen in the 80s. This adaption is perfect for the current political climate and will bring awareness of the horror of the Holocaust. 3. ESCAPE FROM SYRIA:


Today I'm going to spotlight THE PRINCE AND THE DRESSMAKER by Jen Wang. A 2018 Cybils finalist. Here's my YA Books Central Books review: The Prince and the Dressmaker What worked: I really loved this story of a dressmaker and the prince who likes to wear dresses. Prince Sebastian does this in secret until he 'discovers' the shocking outfit Frances made for a client. He hires her, but tries to keep his identity secret. What happens next is the start of a relationship where an unknown dressmaker designs Prince Sebastian dresses. Little by little he gains confidence in stepping out in the designs. But not everyone is so open to his 'secret'. Lush illustrations set in Paris are the backdrop where two very unlikely characters come together and along the way discover friendship. Only two people know Prince Sebastian's secret. Frances loves the challenge of designing the prince dresses, but fears that keeping his secret might in fact hold her back fr

HEY, KIDDO-Cybil's 2018 Finalist

Today's Cybil's book finalist pick is HEY, KIDDO by Jarrett J. Krosoczka. Here's my YA Books Central review: What worked: This is an amazing memoir told in graphic novel style of a teen that deals with family addiction. It starts off with his grandparent and parent's history. Readers learn what lead up to him living with his grandparents after his mother lands in jail. I really loved this novel! The author shows what it was like growing up around a love one being a drug addict. It shows the secrets, whispers, and guilt that all family members carry around. Krosoczka shows how art saved him and also helped him cope with the pain he held inside. He includes actual illustrations of his childhood and teen years. There's also photos of his mother and him. This is the perfect book for a class discussion on how addiction shouldn't be a hush subject. Only when discussions on sensitive subjects like addiction happen, will loved ones not blame themselves.  K

Cybils round two!

I'm excited to be a part of the Cybils-Children and YA book bloggers literary Awards. This year I'm on the second panel, meaning I get to read the finalist's books! This year I get to read these graphic novel books and help choose which one is the best book of 2018! So many great titles here! I thought I'd share my reflections on each of the nominated books. In the meantime, this is a great list of books to read! Stay tuned for my first book reflection. Hint, this autobiographical graphic novel is amazing as it addresses a number of sensitive topics that include kids dealing with a parent that is addicted to drugs without being preachy.