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Friday Five

1. This week had it's highs and lows. **A typical week for me! I ended up getting a rejection for CANDLE, but still have it out with numerous small press pubs and one agent. **This is my mantra: Never, ever, ever give up. Then I got this review for CROSSED FIRE: The story is imaginative and well written. You relate to these teens and their lives. Each has their own unique personality that enhances the story. Stephanie and Dylan are adorable together and entertain you in this tale. Cura is quirky and captures your heart with her optimism and cheer. Hillary you just love to loathe and you do feel for at the end but not enough to think her adventure will change her attitude..Dr. A is just as awesome as ever and the plot is fun, quirky and entertaining with just enough descriptive writing to give you and understanding and keep you in the story but not enough to have you yawn and want it to end..Do hope we get more of these fun characters and their adventures especially n

Crossed Fire by Kim Baccellia Blog Book Tour

Today I'm over here: Ten Things You Didn’t Know About the Author When I was six years old, my mother entered me in the San Francisco Chronicle’s Junior Art Championship. I won honorable mention. I thought it was really cool as they sent me the ‘key’ to the San Francisco zoo, which was shaped like an elephant. **I don’t have that key anymore, but I wonder if I still have lifetime membership to that zoo. I had a pen pal in England that I wrote to when I was in high school. Her name was Cheryl and she lived in Wolverhampton, England. We both were madly in love with David Cassidy. Cheryl’s the first to the right in this photo. My first concert was at a Jackson Browne concert. It was billed to benefit an alliance against nuclear power. I’ve always been an activist. When I was a teen and young adult, I marched at numerous rallies held at the California state capital.

Crossed Fire Book Blog Tour

This week is my book blog tour! Follow and leave comments for a chance to win an ebook of CROSSED FIRE and a print copy of CROSSED FIRE! I'll also throw in some swag and other goodies! Here's my schedule: he Tour: February 11th YA/NA Book Divas – Guest Post YaReads – Author Interview February 12th Mystery of Character – Guest Post Just One More Chapter – Spotlight Post February 13th More Books Than Livros – Spotlight Post Deal Sharing Aunt – Spotlight Post February 14th RoloPoloBookBlog – Spotlight Post The Book Beacon – Top Ten Post February 15th Booklove – Review Book #1 Crossroad Reviews – Spotlight Post February 16th Spilling Words – Guest Post Kate Larkindale – Spotlight Post February 17th Booklove – Review Book #2 books are love – Review Book #2