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American River haunting.

My Grandpa Baccellia used to tell us about these women all dressed in dark who would walk up and down the river in the early 1900s. Some say it's not women but a man who haunts that site. Here's a little more info: American River: The ghost of a man who drowned in the river is said to haunt the banks. We did walk along the river, but did not see anything. We did not know which spot of the river the phenomena are said to be observed, however. There's something about water and ghosts. Urban legends are filled with them. This picture of the American River with the infamous thick Sacramento fog brings up feelings of hauntings! One of my sisters had an experience while at girl's camp. One of the girls in her troop was messing around and fell into the fast moving water. No one could get to her. Later that day my sister said she saw the girl by the camp. Then she vanished. The next day they found the girl. Her body was stuck in some either a small underground cave or something

Urban legends

I haven't posted here for some time. Thought I'd share some fun tidbits on my YA paranormal series CROSSED OUT. In keeping with the Halloween mood, I thought I'd share a few urban legends that are in my YA paranormal and urban diverse fantasy EARRINGS OF IXTUMEA. In CROSSED OUT, Stephanie ends up going to Hillary's, her arc nemesis's, home. Hillary dares her to go into the bathroom and call on Bloody Mary. Hillary knows a little about Stephanie's secret--that she can see the dead. But Stephanie refuses to let Hillary get to her and goes into the bathroom, little knowing that her 'gift' might summon someone else. Lady Gaga does Bloody Mary too: In my book EARRINGS OF IXTUMEA there is the urban legend of La Llorona, the weeping lady: There are many versions of this story. One claims that La Malinche, the trusted aide of Hernan Cortes and his mistress was the basis of the story. I also found many other vers