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Friday Five

1. So far this summer has involved driving teen to summer school class. He had to retake algebra 2 at another school in the district. In this class he's mostly on the computer. Let's just say I'll be happy when this is over. It's involved six weeks of M-Thursday 8am classes. Yeah, it's been a stressful summer: Mediation has been helping. So has reading. And large iced tea lattes from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. 2. Been on a little hiatus from writing. Instead I've been reading more. Here's some teasers from some of the books I've read: SIDE BY SIDE: Link to YA Books Central review: Teaser: Fast-paced romp with the infamous crime couple Bonnie and Clyde that shows Bonnie Parker's human side while she rides with Clyde towards a tragic end. Well researched, this is a must read for those who love historical novels from this time period.