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Pandemic Edition April 17, 2020

1. Days are all kind of blending into the same. Yet, I'm glad I live in a state where a governor has stepped up and is actually trying to do something with this pandemic. 2. Today tRump tweeted this: Then right after he tweeted this, right-wing protesters protested in front of Mineesota governor's home. And if you read that first tweet, it implies that Virginia will take away their guns. This is frightening. And yet nothing still isn't being done. 3. Here's a link to the protesters: KSTP Updated: April 17, 2020 04:59 PM Created: April 17, 2020 10:51 AM Friday morning, President Donald Trump responded to a planned protest at the Minnesota Governor's Residence over the state's 'stay at home' order aimed at combating COVID-19.  The president tweeted, "LIBERATE MINNESOTA," which is the name used by the event's organi

Pandemic Easter Edition-April 12, 2020

**As of today there are 9100+ cases of Covid-19.  In the US 525,000+ cases and 20,414 deaths. Well, tRump was right. He said he'd make us 'Number 1' in the world. Only in this case we're #1 in deaths. 1. Today is Easter and well, since California still has a Stay at Home order, no church services. I did watch this from Andrea Bocelli: Gorgeous backdrop in a church in Milan. 2. Speaking of Stay at Home order, California governor Newsom just extended it to May 15th. Which means we'll be in quarantine for two months. Add to the time I've been home after breaking my ankle. Over 4 months. And this is becoming our new 'norm'. Going outside wearing masks. Social distancing. Can't wait when this is over.... 3. Loved this new version of SNL. 4. Also loved attending a zoom session of OCCRWA. The speaker spoke on the darkest moment in your writing. 5. Able to walk a little more. Not much, but it's something. Stay home. Stay s

Pandemic Edition Thursday April 9, 2020

1. So my usual schedule now with the Stay at Home order is something like this: 8:30 get up when husband goes into his office to work 9-10am Heat ankle while watching NY governor Cuomo's daily reports. 10-11am Do physical therapy stretches; check emails; read social media 11-12am write 12 Lunch watch Ca Governor Newsom's daily reports 1-3pm Write/research 3-4 Go over Italian lessons 4-5 Read 5 Dinner 5-6 watch news/LA mayor's daily report 6-7 Heat ankle and later do physical therapy exercises 10 bed **Repeat We're been good social distancing and staying home. Husband goes out 1-2xs a week to grocery shop Son goes out 2xs to shop and help out with errands 2. As of today here's the Covid-19 cases/deaths ORANGE COUNTY, CA —The number of new coronavirus cases increased by 67 on Thursday, the Orange County Health Care Agency reported. A total of 1,079 have tested positive for the virus since the agency began collecting data in  Orange County.  It i

Pandemic Edition Monday April 6, 2020

Going on third week of Stay at Home order here in California. I'm still not able to walk with crutches and a boot. I canceled my physical therapy appointment last Friday after LA mayor and then our governor told us to wear masks when we leave our houses. Since I didn't have a mask, I didn't go to appointment. 1. The only time husband leaves is to go shopping and then pick up curbside dinner. So two times a week. Son goes out to do some shopping and picks up some things for me. Today he did wear gloves and the other day wore a mask. The big thing now is making your own masks. 2. My daily Stay at Home schedule includes mediating for 10 minutes, doing physical therapy stretches, and watching NY governor Cuomo and later Ca governor Newman's daily conferences. I refuse to watch tRump's so-called conferences, which are really 'rallies'. 3. Most people here in California are following the Stay at Home order, but there are a few that aren't and are put