Pandemic Edition Thursday April 9, 2020

1. So my usual schedule now with the Stay at Home order is something like this:

8:30 get up when husband goes into his office to work
9-10am Heat ankle while watching NY governor Cuomo's daily reports.
10-11am Do physical therapy stretches; check emails; read social media
11-12am write
12 Lunch watch Ca Governor Newsom's daily reports
1-3pm Write/research
3-4 Go over Italian lessons
4-5 Read
5 Dinner
5-6 watch news/LA mayor's daily report
6-7 Heat ankle and later do physical therapy exercises
10 bed


We're been good social distancing and staying home. Husband goes out 1-2xs a week to grocery shop
Son goes out 2xs to shop and help out with errands

2. As of today here's the Covid-19 cases/deaths

ORANGE COUNTY, CA —The number of new coronavirus cases increased by 67 on Thursday, the Orange County Health Care Agency reported. A total of 1,079 have tested positive for the virus since the agency began collecting data in Orange County. It is not yet known how many have fully recovered from the COVID-19 disease.
As of Thursday, a total of 17 residents have lost their lives due to the disease. The OC Health Care Agency began reporting percentages of deaths by ethnicity:
  • 35 percent Asian
  • 29 percent unknown
  • 18 percent Hispanic/Latino
  • 12 percent White
  • 6 percent other

3. Love this:

4. Finally got back to my Italy women's fiction piece!!!!!

Right now researching 1944 Italy and women in the Resistance. 

5. Love this YouTube video:

Stay safe, wash your hands for 20 seconds, and stay home!


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