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1. Yes, dear MIL is coming this Sunday at 3pm. I ended up getting a huge calendar to put on my refrigerador and filled it out with my schedule for next week. That way she can see I'm busy and she'll have to work around what I'm doing. **Let's see how this goes. 2. Been reading this: Love the voice and the latest antics Evie gets into. 3. Also excited that I was able to get approved by Tu Publishing to review: Under the Mesquite This is a contemp YA told in free verse with a Latina protagonist. So far really loving this story! 4. TANKBORN I've been hearing tons of great things about this dystopia. 5. And another Tu Publishing upcoming title: This one sounds really fun. I read Greg's first book when it was nominated for a Cybils and our whole family loved it. I expect the same thing with his latest! ** Also was finally able to see SUCKER PUNCH: My verdict: I thought this movie had a very interesting premise of a young girl who'
Yahoo!  CROSSED OUT is now available at Fictionwise!
So MIL called last night to tell us she's coming this Sunday.  She refused to negogiate with realtor on the one condo.  Somehow she thinks that if it's meant to be well everything will fall into place.  I have a plan of action: 1.  Order a new Dell battery so when I drop son off at soccer camp next week, I can write. 2.  Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf will be my writing place all next week.  Plus their tea is nommy. 3. Write.  Plan to work on both my sekrit project and my sequel at this time.  Don't listen to naysayers.  Just do it. 4. Eat healthy per doctor's orders. 5. Don't cancel important doctor appointments/medical services just because MIL is here. 6. Don't get into the whole guilt trip thing. 7.  And finally the hardest thing to do: Say NO.  I won't redo my plans just for her especially since she's been so picky and demanding.  Son's still upset we missed a swim party because of her last visit which of course was a wash as she found