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MuseItUp  MG-YA Blog-A-Thon Hi, my name is Sue Perkins and I’d like to thank Kim for hosting me on her blog today. I write mainly fantasy, for adults, young adults and middle grade readers. My imagination runs wild when I create worlds outside of reality. It is lovely to cast off the restraints of day to day life and dive into my imagination. Through my books I hope I share my worlds with my readers. My first Middle Grade book Spirit Stealer will be released by MuseItUp Publishing in October. I began writing this book in the late 1990s but other projects took over pushing this manuscript to one side. When I found MuseItUp Publishing I knew immediately my novel had found a home. Luckily MuseItUp agreed with me. Spirit Stealer is a fantasy book set in the nighttime world of a library. The library is officially opened in 1908 and the story begins here and continues through to the 21st Century. Fader, an orphan who lives on the streets, believes the nice warm library building is