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Oh what fun...NOT

Sorry I haven't been here for some time. First some good news: 1. I worked hard on my historical women's fiction novel during NaNowrimo. Did TONS of research and really got into voice of my protagonist. 2. Had a YA author go over CANDLE IN THE WIND. I plan to go over editorial letter and query this story out again. Now the not so great news: I broke my freakin' ankle 3 days before Christmas. Yup. Here's some of my instagram links: And of course the Xray: Finding out much it sucks to get sick/break anything during the holidays. My specialist is out till after the holidays, which means no surgery until next frickin' week. And yeah, I need surgery. Makes you want some hard stuff. And yes, this is painful. But to look on the positive side? It's making teen realize that