Pandemic Edition Monday April 6, 2020

Going on third week of Stay at Home order here in California. I'm still not able to walk with crutches and a boot. I canceled my physical therapy appointment last Friday after LA mayor and then our governor told us to wear masks when we leave our houses. Since I didn't have a mask, I didn't go to appointment.

1. The only time husband leaves is to go shopping and then pick up curbside dinner. So two times a week. Son goes out to do some shopping and picks up some things for me. Today he did wear gloves and the other day wore a mask.

The big thing now is making your own masks.

2. My daily Stay at Home schedule includes mediating for 10 minutes, doing physical therapy stretches, and watching NY governor Cuomo and later Ca governor Newman's daily conferences. I refuse to watch tRump's so-called conferences, which are really 'rallies'.

3. Most people here in California are following the Stay at Home order, but there are a few that aren't and are putting us all at risk.

4. Here's a fascinating study on a reason why more males are dying from Covid-19 then women:

5. Love this from the Rock:


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